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Invisible earpiece – mobile version

spy bluetooth earpiece
inch length width height work time
micro 0.4 0.2 0.2 3h
nano 0.3 0.17 0.17 3.5h
vip 0.25 0.15 0.15 12h
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Spy earpiece package includes:

  • Spy earpiece(choose your size)
  • 2 batteries (LR521/LR379 or LR337)
  • Bluetooth headset(also compatible with iPhone or iPod)
  • Headset charger
  • Warranty blank
  • Manual

Main technical features of mobile invisible earpiece:

  • Excellent audio quality and absence of the noise
  • Safety – it won't damage you hearing since safe output levels
  • convenient adjustment – output level can be adjusted both through the mobile phone or through headset
  • Super–sensitive embedded microphone as a part of headset
  • Strong case make of hypoallergic plastic
  • Simple mechanism of battery replacement
  • Tiny size of the bluetooth earpiece: length – 11 mm (0.43 inch), width – 5 mm (0.19 inch)
  • Little battery usage – up to 12 hours of working from one battery
  • Phone coverage distance is up to approximately 10 meters
  • Color matches – it is close to ear's natural color

Today it's hard to find someone who doesn't use a mobile phone. Most models support Bluetooth connectivity feature that is intended for sharing of music, pictures, photos and other mobile content between devices, not to mention it's most essential purpose using of Bluetooth wireless hands–free headset that allows speaking without the use of hands.

Sometimes you want not be marked by others that you are using such gadget. It seems quite naturally in such situation to make use of a tiny earpiece that is invisble to most people. Suppose, you should give a difficult presentation about new products, launched by your company, and it is required to learn by heart a lot of information – that sometimes is a really boring task. To overcome this trouble you may use an invisible earpiece as a helper. Just put an antenna on your neck under clothes, plug an invisible earpiece into your ear and connect whole device to a mobile phone. Then connect with your colleague to get interactive help about the presentation. The result is rather predictable – everyone will wonder about your success and expertise in the field while you will be absolutely delighted with your magical device.

Invisible earpiece can escape you in various exams and tests, defenses of a thesis, during a speech or business negotiations. You can secretly communicate with you partner through a microphone, attached to the handful antenna (imagine – it weighs less than 10 grams). It seems very unlikely that someone will notice earpiece microscopic invisible earpiece and antenna! So again, just a few simple steps vital under certain circumstances – just insert an invisible earpiece into your ear and link it with a mobile phone, then call to your assistant or partner and take the highest possible result in an exam! Using this device you will easily cope with any difficulty – this statement was justified by numerous happy owners of our invisible earpiece.

A few words about quality – package consists of only original accessories made by best manufacturers in the field of telecommunication. An invisible earpiece is compatible with all mobile phones or devices supporting Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth audiobridge.

Our Advantages:

  • Absolutely free delivery
  • Lower price compared to all competitors
  • Flexible discount system (we're always open to negotiations)
  • Urgent delivery option
  • Spy earpiece's size choice
  • Customer support 24/7
  • VAT return possibility
  • And more...

Invisible earpiece package includes:

  • invisible earpiece
  • 2 batteries (LR521/LR379 or LR337)
  • Bluetooth headset
  • headset charger
  • manual

€ Price:169 EURO Delivery: 0 EURO
$ Price:239 USD Delivery: 0 USD

Please, choose earpiece's size:


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